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Digital classroom

Watch the introduction videos and get ready for the digital classrooms

On this page you will find to videos guiding you to get ready for the digital classrooms at SDU. The first video is a guide on how to use Zoom. The second video is a guide on how to use Microsoft Teams for online lectures.

How to use Zoom as a student at SDU?

Further introduction to Zoom.


How to use Microsoft Teams for online lectures?

Further introduction to Microsoft Teams.


Recommendations for Microsoft Teams:

  • Install the desktop app. If you insist on using the browser-version, use Firefox or Edge browsers.
  • Communicate with your teacher in private chat, if it is private. Remember that the ‘Conversation’ is visible to the whole team.
  • If you have to do group assignments, ask your teacher for a private channel for the group. That way, you can communicate and collaborate efficiently within your group.


Good behavior in an online classroom:

1. Enter the meeting with your camera and microphone turned off. 

2. Use the chat to raise hand (type: ‘I have a question’) or ask question directly.

3. Don't use the chat window for bi-lateral communication between students unless instructed. This is like speaking out loud in the middle of a lecture.

4. Only turn on your camera and/or microphone when asked by the lecturer.

Keep updated about COVID-19

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Last Updated 19.06.2020