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What have electrons ever done for you?

It is best for you when they jump

By Birgitte Svennevig, , 6/18/2018

Electrons jump around in our cells. What if we could control them? If we could stop them entirely or change their direction?

That would give us unimaginable control over our bodies and all other living organisms: We could make our cells live longer and live a lot longer. We could kill off harmful or deadly cells and cure cancer.

Computational biophysics

- We are of course not even close to doing anything like that today. But in the future … I cannot see why it should not be possible one day, said computational physicist Ilia Solov’yov.

His research focuses on studying what happens in our proteins on the molecular level. This research field is called computational biophysics and with the constant advent of new technology and increasing computer power, researchers are gaining new insights every day.

Ilia Solov’yov is head of the research group Quantum Biology and Computational Physics Group at University of Southern Denmark. Their new scientific paper is about electron transfer in proteins in from a frog cell. You can read it here.

Editing was completed: 18.06.2018