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DKK 41 million for natural science research

The Carlsberg Foundation has granted support for eight researchers at the Faculty of Science

By Birgitte Svennevig, , 12/15/2023

The Carlsberg Foundation has awarded grants to 192 researchers on Danish universities, enabling them to explore precisely the scientific questions they have defined and identified as important to illuminate.

In total, the foundation has allocated nearly DKK 460 million to Danish research environments, aiming to benefit both talent development and strengthen Denmark's international position in top research. Of this amount, almost DKK 70 million goes to researchers at the University of Southern Denmark.

They are distributed as follows: approximately DKK 1.4 million to the Faculty of Health Sciences (SUND), DKK 7.4 million to the Faculty of Humanities (HUM), DKK 19.8 million to the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences (SAMF), and DKK 41.1 million to the Faculty of Science (NAT).

The recipients of grants in the Faculty of Science are: 

Astrid Eichhorn, FKF, has received DKK 9,995,000 for the project "Probing quantum gravity at all scales."

Coen Elemans, BIOLOGY, has received DKK 9,996,000 for the project "Voice control – Live. Learn. Evolve…"

Elvis Genbo Xu, BIOLOGY, has received DKK 6,138,000 for the project "On the hunt for nanoplastics and their biological impact."

Daniel Wüstner, BMB, has received DKK 7,228,000 for the project "Transport and function of sterols and sphingolipids in Hedgehog signaling in primary cilia.

Poul Nielsen, FKF, has received DKK 699,259 for the project "Purification of synthetic DNA/RNA-oligonucleotides. Research Infrastructure."

Bo Thamdrup, BIOLOGY, has received DKK 1,626,482 for the project "In situ determination of rates and pathways of microbial transformations in oxygen-depleted waters."

Theis Kragh, BIOLOGY, has received DKK 451,889 for the project "Catchment area analysis for Vejle Å."

Beate Kraft, BIOLOGY, has received DKK 5,000,000 for the project "Microbial methane cycling under oxygen depletion."

 Read the full story from the Carlsberg Foundation here (in Danish).

Editing was completed: 15.12.2023