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Research funding

IMADA is experiencing strong success with the retrieval of research funds

In the past six months, IMADA has succeeded in applying for and obtaining a number of crucial research grants. Most recently, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted DKK 46.2 million to Daniel Merkle's project MATOMIC.

By Mikkel Linnemann Johansson, , 6/24/2021

According to head of department Martin Svensson, IMADA is generally in the middle of a good development, but in the last six months it has been particularly worth noting that the department has been successful in taking home external funds.

- The competition for external funding is fierce, but we have strong researchers and strong research groups who do well in this competition, he says.

For example, Vivek Shende has been granted approx. DKK 40 million through three different grants.

And on June 7, the Novo Nordisk Foundation announced that Daniel Merkle would receive a grant of DKK 46.2 million for the Mathematical Modeling project for Microbial Community Induced Metabolic Diseases (MATOMIC).

The research project is in line with one of the major research trends right now in the field of understanding human health: What significance does the composition of bacteria in our intestines have for our health?

- It is an absolutely fantastic grant for Daniel Merkle. The competition was really tough, but the project fits perfectly into Daniel's high expertise, and he is at the head of a really strong international consortium, says Martin Svensson.

He points out that in connection with the application, they received really good help from the faculty's External Relations Team. In addition, a selection of professors from the faculty gave thorough feedback to Daniel Merkle right up to the interview with the foundation.

The collaboration means that IMADA's researchers get to enter into some strong networks and consortia - an important aspect in the department's development.

- And then we can see that from foundations, authorities, companies and in society in general, there is a growing awareness of and a focus on our areas of expertise in mathematics and computer science. A focus that is sharpened in step with societal and technological development, says Martin Svensson.

Recent developments are of great importance to the department. Both in terms of recognition and visibility for both the researchers and IMADA.

- But most of all, the funds enable the development of exciting research projects, employment of PhD students and postdocs as well as the purchase of equipment, travel, conferences and much more, concludes Martin Svensson.

Editing was completed: 24.06.2021