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The financial adjustment has been completed

The long-term process of adapting SDU's finances with annual expenses corresponding to DKK 95 million. kroner per year is now over.

On 23 March, it was reported that SDU’s finances are under pressure due to declining educational revenues and price increases, and that management had decided to adjust the University’s finances. The adjustment process is now complete.   

Result of the adjustment process 

In the period from 23 March to 31 May, management has adjusted SDU’s finances to create a balance between revenue and costs corresponding to DKK 95 million annually from 1 January 2024. 

The DKK 95 million was found through increased revenue of DKK 7.1 million, reduced labour costs of DKK 79.6 million and reduced operating costs of DKK 8.3 million. 

The reduced labour costs correspond to 112 full-time positions (FTEs) being eliminated either through natural attrition, vacant positions not being refilled, severance agreements or unsolicited redundancies. In addition, 27 full-time positions will be converted to either reduced working hours (senior scheme or reduced hours) or to funding for external research projects due to increased external research funding.  

Overall, 139 full-time positions are directly affected by the adjustment. 

At two faculties, it has also been necessary to discontinue several education programmes and study tracks.  

Editing was completed: 31.05.2023