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ECPE Online Workshop: Capacitors in Power Electronics

Don't miss out the ECPE online workshop "Capacitors in Power Electronics" on 20 and 21 April co-chaired by head of CIE, Thomas Ebel. Gain insights into new materials, technologies, applications, and reliability from academia and industry!

The main focus in the research areas in power electronics has been on active devices, both on power semiconductors and on the integration of control, protection and driving circuits with the main switches.

Due to the already achieved progress in this field a further miniaturisation and increase in power conversion efficiency is more and more expected from the passive components. Furthermore, new demands and challenges related to higher switching frequencies and higher power densities and temperatures arise from the use of the wide bandgap semiconductors SiC and GaN.

The available capacitor technologies cover several orders of magnitude in the C-V space. In power electronics involving high voltages and high energy, Al electrolytic and film capacitors are mainly used, and ceramic capacitors for the lower power range only.

The main goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from industry and university to present and discuss the current trends and the new developments related to the field of capacitor device technology.

Improvements in the design of capacitive components can be expected from new materials and technologies, from innovative cooling concepts, but also from better understanding and improved analysis of the underlying loss mechanisms.

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Editing was completed: 25.03.2021