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You must at all times respect and follow recommendations from SDU's staff and, upon request, present a student card/ID card or otherwise explain your errand on campus.

Violation of the house rules may result in reporting to the immediate manager/Rector and possibly suspension.

Got questions or need help? Contact Technical Services at

House rules

Smoking is not permitted indoors. This also applies to e-cigarettes/vaping.

Follow the directions and signage for where you are.

See smoking shelters here.

Smoking is NOT permitted in SDU’s courtyards. 

SDU´s principles for smoking and tobacco use


Tidy up after yourself and throw your rubbish in the waste bins provided.
Return used tableware and utensils from the canteen using the trolleys provided.

To facilitate cleaning, no confetti tubes and the like are to be used inside or outside.

Bicycles and other vehicles must be parked outdoors and may not be stored in the University’s classrooms
For safety reasons, students are not permitted to ride scooters or electric vehicles indoors. 
Employees may ride a regular scooter indoors for work purposes, but please show consideration, adjust the speed and stay within the marked lanes.

Be considerate – keep your voice down when moving about in or around the buildings to avoid disrupting teaching or meeting activities.
Be particularly considerate during the exam periods. Look out for the yellow signs on the doors or other forms of signage.

Dogs or other pets are not permitted at SDU.
Service dogs are of course exempt.

If you wish to carry out promotions and marketing on SDU’s premises, please contact 

Permission for promotion/marketing is granted on the condition that no signatures, either binding or non-binding, are received, including taking out subscriptions. It is not permitted to hand out merchandise that is sold in the canteen (e.g. water bottles). Sales of any kind are also prohibited.
In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that you are not a nuisance to the University’s regular traffic and are not blocking escape routes.

If you wish to perform music, organise a fundraiser, record video/photography for public use, distribute printed matter, have a stand at SDU or similar, please contact

You may only put up posters and other notices on fixed notice boards, and never on glass sections, doors or walls.
Please note that some notice boards are reserved for departments, the Central University Administration, associations and the like.
Random notices will be taken down.
Rules for borrowing and using the notice boards.

In the event of emergencies and raising the alarm:
If possible, stop the accident
Call 1-1-2 and evacuate the area if necessary
Call 6550 8888 and inform Technical Services about the incident 

For fire safety reasons, any use of naked flame is prohibited at SDU, including the use of candles. Similarly, the installation and use of coffee machines, microwaves, toasters, kettles, refrigerators, etc. is not permitted in project rooms, offices and the like.



Last Updated 10.10.2023