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The Danish Center of Psychotraumatology

Library - selected items

The 15th ESTSS conference consisted of 330 interesting, trauma related presentations from around the world. Unfortunately, due to the high number of presentations, it was impossible for the guests to attend every presentation.

Ph.D.-students from the National Centre for Psychotraumatology attended numerous presentations and have selected some of those that were particularly interesting. As a guest on our website, you have the possibility of exploring these presentations, either through power point-files or through beta versions of the articles. You can access these by clicking the pictures below.

Below, the presentations are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Furthermore, the title of the presentation and the number given in the abstract book can be seen for each presentation. 


Selected items from the conference

Arend Groot
Children bereaved by parental intimate partner homicide: Factors Associated with visiting the incarcerated perpetrator.


Benjamin E. Saunders
Is community collaboration associated with reduced barriers and increased use of evidence-based trauma treatments with children?


Brett McDermott
A Stepped Care response to a natural disaster: A worked example


Chris Brewin
An overview of the Emerging Evidence on PTSD in ICD-11


Dean Lauterbach
Trajectories of Self-Regulation Symptomps Among Child Maltreatment Survivors


Elisa Kaltenbach
Mental Health screening in refugees: Assessing the needs of the vulnerable seeking asylum


Ethan Paschall
The Impact of Early Social Factors on Trajectories of Internalizing Behavior Problems within Maltreated Foster Care Youth.


Kjersti Arefjord
Reactions to research participation in adult samples of high risk exposure to childhood maltreatment


Mabula Nkuba
Prevalence of Different Maltreatment Types in a National Representative Sample of Tanzanian Secondary School Students


Manuel Stadtman
Why do I have to Suffer? Symptom management, views and experiences of patients with a cPTSD: A Grounded Theory


Marie Karlsson
Group Treatment for Trauma Survivors: Do they want to share their personal stories of victmization?


Mogens Christoffersen
Sexual Crime against Children With Disabilities: A nationwide prospective birth cohort-study


Mogens Christoffersen
Violent Crime against Children With Disabilities: A nationwide prospective birth cohort-study


Myriam Thoma
Successful Aging in Former Indentured Child Laborers


Robert Bering
Complementary trauma therapy: Myoreflextherapy, Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy and Posturology
Pre-conference workshop

Tim Wind
The assessment of psychopathology among refugees: Construct validity of PTSS, anxiety and depression



Last Updated 29.07.2023