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The Danish Center of Psychotraumatology


On this page you will find a calendar overview of trauma conferences from around the world.

Events 2024

On 11.-13. of November the second European Grief Conference (EGC)will be held in Dublin, Ireland. The conference is hosted by Irish Hospice Foundation, in partnership with the Bereavement Network Europe (BNE), RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Danish National Center for Grief. Read more here.

On 18.-21. of August ISPCAN is hosting a congress with the theme of  Working Together to Protect Children in Times of Crisis. Read more here.

On 12. of April a research conference will be held regarding child and adolescent psychiatry. 

On 18. of January, the Finn Nørgaard Association is hosting a half-day seminar at Christiansborg in Copenhagen. Professor Ask Elklit from the Danish Center of Psychotraumatology will participate in an expert panel on what victims will typically need in terms of help and support after a terrorist attack.

Events 2023

On 12.-14. December, the first conference of the Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more here.

On 23.-27. October, a conference on trauma in children and how to help them will be held in Nuuk, Greenland by the Danish Center for Psychotraumatology.  The topic is about why it can be relevant to assess children who have been exposed to trauma and how we can best help them with treatment and follow-up assessment. You can fin the programme and practical information here in  Danish and Greenlandic. Here you can read a short account of the assessment tool used at the conference in Danish and Greenlandic. Read an account on the historical traumas in Kalaallit Nunaat and the importance of assessment tools converted to the Greenlandic language in Danish and Greenlandic.

On 26.-27 October, the Nordic Network Seminar will be held on the consequences of sexual abuse in childhood in Stockholm, Sweden.

On 28.-29. September, the National Psychotrauma Centre (ARQ) in the Netherlands, will hold a conference on Traumas, Crisis and Conflict: Connecting Research and Practice.  Read more here

On 24-27 September, the ISPCAN European International Congress will be held in collaboration with Childlight, Global Child Safety Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland. The conference will address how to better understand the most effective ways to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) through prevention, treatment, research and collaboration. Read more here

On 22 September, the Danish Psychotherapeutic Society for Psychologists (DPSP) will hold their annual international seminar in Aarhus. Andreas Maercker, chairman of the WHO's ICD-11 working group on Trauma- and Stress-related disorders, will give an introduction to the new ICD-11 diagnoses in the field of trauma and stress and their significance for clinical practice. Read more here

On 23 August, a webinar will be held on the importance of using standardised and validated tools in research and practice. Researchers from the Danish Center for Psychotraumatology will be represented at the webinar. Registration can be found here.

On 14-17 June, the 17th ESTSS conference will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. ESTSS conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland with the theme: "Trauma and resilience through the ages: A life course perspective". Read more here

On 12 May, a webinar on "Advancement of internet-based interventions for trauma and stress-related disorders". Read more here

On 2 March, the Psychotraumatology Interest Group is hosting an online lecture on PTSD in biological perspective by Sigurd Uldall, PhD and physician. Sigurd is the author of the book "Traume, hjerne og krop - biologiske perspektiver på PTSD" and will review diathesis stress and neurotoxic stress theories in PTSD. The lecture is for all professionals with an interest in PTSD. Read more here

On 13 January, the January Conference 2023 will be held by the Danish Center for Psychotraumatology at the University of Southern Denmark. The theme of the conference is 'Violence in close relationships'. Read more here

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