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The Danish Center of Psychotraumatology

Context P.hD. positions

The National Centre of Psychotraumatology currently has four vacant Ph.D. positions for the Context project.

Context stands for Collaborative Network for Training and Excellence in Psychotraumatology.

Context is a four-year Ph.D. training programme that aims to raise the level of both research and practice within psychotraumatology. This is done by doing high-quality and innovative research, training abilities and expertise, and creating more creative and innovative practices in the field of psychotraumatology, on a global scale.

Context is an interdisciplinary collaboration between nine different European organisations; including both academic and non-governmental organisations, as well as voluntary and public.

Context has three research programmes; each aimed at a specific section of the population:

1. EU-based asylum seekers and refugees.

2. Emergency-service personnel and humanitarian first-responders.

3. Survivors and perpetrators of childhood- and gender-based violence.

Read more on Context's own website here or on our website own website here. Read more about the qualification requirements for the positions here.

Editing was completed: 03.10.2016