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The Danish Center of Psychotraumatology

Consensus Conference on Early Childhood Trauma 2012

The 16th of January




Welcome with Ask Elklit


Key note speaker K.J.S. Anand: Pain perception and consequences of severe pain stimulation in infants.

11.00-11.15 Short break
11.15-12.00 Jonathan Green: Presentation of the Manchester Child Attachment Story Task (MCAST)
12.00-13.00 Lunch

Key notespeaker Stacy Drury: A presentation on the potentially damaging effects that hospitalisation and paediatric procedures may have on the developing brain and the multi-modal consequences of childhood trauma.


Key note speaker Janet Rennick: A presentation of the results of differents studies on the negative outcomes in the different domains affected by paediatric trauma.

15.00-15.15 Refreshments

Jonathan Green: MCAST put into practise


Mia Myhre: Traumatic head injuries in children

18.00-21.00 Evening programme

The 17th of January

09.00-09.15 Presentation of the upcoming workshop. Participants will be able to register for this during the day.
09.15-10.15 Miri Keren: Traumatic stress during pregnacy - its effects on fetus and infants
10.15-10.30 Break
10.30-11.30 Key note speaker Stacy Drury:The use of CBT as an empirically based treatment of peadiatric trauma and its implications on the neurobiological development of traumatised children
11.30-12.30 Sam Tyano: Infantile trauma and clinical perspective - Israeli experiences
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.30 Key note speaker K.J.S. Anand: Pain assessment in pre-term and full-term neonates
14.30-14.45 Refreshments
14.45-15.45 Key note speaker Janet Rennick:Assessment of negative psychological outcomes in different domains affected by paediatric trauma
15.45-16.00 Rounding off with Ask Elklit
16.00 The conference closes


Dr. K.J.S. Anand is a recognised and award-winning researcher. He has published extensively on consciousness and pain perception in very young children - down to the foetal stage. Dr Anand's presentation will provide attendees with a greater understanding of fetal and infant pain perception. He will further provide an understanding of the child's early development of cortical functions and consciousness, and finally, Dr Anand will talk about the connection between consciousness, pain and child development.
Dr. Stacy Drury (MD and PhD) focuses her clinical and research work on exploring the relationship between early development, the child-parent relationship and the interaction between genetics and environment, primarily in children with cancer. She works to develop psychological interventions to reduce children's anxiety and worry during treatment and hospitalisation in order to prevent long-term negative psychological sequelae as a result of these hospitalisations and treatments.
Dr. Janet Rennick Rennick (PhD, Project Nurse) will provide an overview of current knowledge on the potential psychological sequelae of paediatric PICU (Peadiatric Intensive Care Units) admissions. She will discuss the complexity of 'measuring' these psychological sequelae and will then identify the challenges of using self-report questionnaires for children who are or have been hospitalised in PICUs.
Doctor and professor Sam Tyano teaches at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at Tel-Aviv University. He is also a visiting lecturer at Lille University in France. He is the author of more than 200 scientific articles in international scientific journals and the editor of three textbooks on psychiatry, child psychiatry and ADHD. In his lecture, Sam Tyano will present Israeli clinical experiences with infant trauma.
Miri Keren is a psychiatrist specialising in children and adolescents. She teaches at a child psychiatry department in Tel-Aviv and is a board member and external editor of the World Association for Infant Mental Health. She will talk about traumatic stress during pregnancy. How does traumatic stress affect the child before and after birth?
Mia Myhre Myhre is a researcher at the "Nasjonalt Kunnskapssenterom Vold og Traumatisk Stress". Her primary focus area is child abuse. She is a counsellor for healthcare professionals in cases of suspected child abuse. In her presentation, Mia Myhre will talk about head injuries in young children.
Jonathan Green is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Manchester. He has spent many years researching children's social development and how this development can underlie many childhood mental health problems. In his clinical work, he leads a specialised developmental clinic at Manchester Children's Hospital, which includes the assessment and treatment of children suffering from severe anxiety and stress disorders and a range of other disorders that can impair children's development. In his presentation, Jonathan Green will talk about the Manchester Child Attachment Story Task, which he and his colleagues use to assess and understand children's experiences.

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