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Beskæftigelse og alkohol

Videnskabelige artikler

Jørgensen MB, Thygesen LC, Becker U, Tolstrup JS. Alcohol consumption and risk of unemployment, sick-ness absence and disability pension in Denmark: A prospective cohort study. Addiction 2017;112(10):1754-1764.
Hansen MB, Kloster S, Danquah IH, Nielsen AS, Becker U, Tjørnhøj-Thomsen T, Tolstrup JS. “A welfare recipient may be drinking, but as long as he does as told - he may drink himself to death”: a qualitative analysis of project implementation barriers among Danish job consultants. BMC Public Health 2015;15:264.


Jørgensen MB. Alcohol consumption and labour market participation - Two register-based studies and a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. PhD thesis. SDU, May 2017. 

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