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The research staff of CPop teach in courses and workshops both at SDU and elsewhere

Medical Science (BSc)
  • Studiestartsopgave  
  • Genetik og videnskabelig metode
  • Forskningsmetodologisk grundkursus
Biology (BSc)
  • Population and Evolution
  • Introduction to Biodemography
  • First Year Project 
  • Bachelor's thesis in Biology
Mathematics (BSc)
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Physics for Biologists and Pharmacists
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Probability Theory
Health Science (MSc)
  • Epidemiology and statistics
Pharmacy (MSc)
  • Evidence-Based Medicine Use and Biostatistics
Biology (MSc)
  • Planning and evaluation of biological studies
  • Research Project I
  • Master's thesis in Biology
  • Biodiversity: Protection and Management
  • Field Course in Terrestrial Zoology
Business and Economics (MSc)
  • Demography and Economics
Danish Center for Welfare Studies
  • Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies (MSc)
  • Demography, generations and public policy
  • Immigration and integration: Policies and attitudes (Specialised policy analysis)
  • Quality education: Human capital for building resilient societies (Sustainable Development Goal 4)
  • Integration of Migrants in West European Societies (Specialised policy analysis)
  • Migration to Western Europe: Policies, attitudes and integration
  • Human Capital Politics and Policies :Investing in People
  • Demography and Public Policy: Generations in Politics
PhD Courses
  • Introduction to Evolutionary Demography
  • Biostatistics I & II
  • Pre-PhD course at the Faculty of Health Science – “Epidemiology and Registry research”
The European Doctoral School of Demography - EDSD
  • Basic Mathematics for Demographers
  • Formal Demography
Radical Rethink! Talent Programme focused on Ageing Societies

Radical Rethink! is a one-year extra-curricular talent programme for ambitious and forward-looking students, who wish to integrate their personal abilities within interdisciplinary talent teams. Student teams are challenged to create new ideas that breach boundaries and paradigms to approach solutions of burning issues in ageing societies of the 21st century