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Organisational structure

CPop affiliates are members of units within SDU faculties and respective departments

The Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics (CPop) builds on the collaboration and close interaction between researchers from five research units across four faculties of SDU. In 2018, CPop grew on the success of its predecessor Max Planck Odense Center on the Biodemography of Ageing (MaxO), and expanded from focusing on biodemography into a unique four-faculty virtual institute that conducts innovative research on basic causes and key consequences of changes in survival, longevity, and population aging, including also their cultural, economic and policy implications.

  • The CPop Demography unit (CPop DEM) advances basic and applied research in demography of survival, longevity, population ageing and methods for mortality forecasting.
  • The CPop Science unit (CPop NAT) focuses on research of demography of animals and plants, conservation demography and advancement of mathematical and computational methods.
  • The CPop Business and Social Sciences unit (CPop SAM) focuses on research on consequences of ageing and longevity for public health and on the interplay between demographics, politics and policies. 
  • The CPop Health Sciences unit (CPop HEALTH) advances research in epidemiology, biostatistics and biodemography of ageing.
  • The CPop Humanities unit (CPop HUM) focuses on studying cultural implications of ageing. 

The Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics (CPop) Organisational structure (April 2023)

Download a PDF version of the organisational diagram