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AXA Chair in Longevity Research

How long will we live? The AXA Chair in Longevity Research will focus on this question by:

  • analysing the rise in life expectancy over the past 200 years,
  • forecasting future increases in life expectancy resulting from further postponement of senescence and
  • assessing the prospects for a radical extension of longevity resulting from interventions that slow the rate of ageing.

The Unit will adjust and adapt its research emphases on mortality forecasting as more is learned about life-expectancy forecasting and about use of compositional analysis for mortality forecasting. If  bold, promising new ideas emerge at the AXA Longevity Unit or elsewhere, then they will be pursued. The long-term strategic vision is to stay on the forefront of new approaches to mortality forecasting and to play a key, innovative role in advancing that frontier.

Note: The Chair was held by James W. Vaupel until his sudden death in March 2022. Annette Baudisch was appointed as the scientific manager of the Chair after that.


PhDs, PostDocs, and Research Assistants funded by the AXA Research Fund:


The research is supported by the AXA Research Fund, through the funding for the “AXA Chair in Longevity Research”.

James W. Vaupel

Chair (2015–2022)


Annette Baudisch

Scientific Manager

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Last Updated 21.02.2024