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Centre for Uses of Literature

Class and Work

This cluster investigates the relationship between literature, social class, and work. We are interested in social class and labour practices as they are represented in literature, and as they shape its production, reception, and criticism. Moreover, we emphasize the uses of literature in forming, distributing, and refiguring ideas about class, and in negotiations of class status. We pay particular attention to the relationship between particular works of literature and changing working conditions in the twenty-first century and explore the diverse forms of cultural expression – including cli-fi novels, Instagram comics, rap lyrics and TV series – which address the contemporary meanings of class and work.


Major focal points in the cluster’s work include:

  • Intersections of class with gender, race, and age.
  • Class and place/space
  • Affects of class


Coordinators and contact people: Jon Helt Haarder and Emily Hogg



Bryan Yazell

Camilla Schwarz

Charlotte Johanne Fabricius 

Ella Fegitz

Ida Aaskov Dolmer 

Nicklas Freisleben Lund

Peter Simonsen 

Troels Obbekær

Class and Work Cluster Events

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Last Updated 21.02.2024