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Centre for Uses of Literature

Anita Wohlmann's book Metaphor in Illness Writing is now available open access

The book was selected by the Knowledge Unlatched initiative within the Focus Collection 2023 "Global Health"

Anita Wohlmann’s monograph Metaphor in Illness Writing (2022) is now Open Access. Metaphor in Illness Writing analyzes the varied, creative and unexpected uses of one of the most frequently used metaphors for illness: the battle and fight metaphor. Anita analyses the illness writing of contemporary North American writers and shows how Susan Sontag, Audre Lorde, Anatole Broyard, David Foster Wallace and other writers turn the fight metaphor into a space of agency, resistance, self-knowledge and aesthetic pleasure.
A pdf version of Metaphor in Illness Writing is available on Anita's website along with a "Metaphor Method" vade mecum and a podcast/interview.

An e-book version can be downloaded from the publisher's website. 

Editing was completed: 02.05.2023