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Centre for Uses of Literature

Publication: Using literature for a new intervention in dementia care

How can literature be used to develop the self-efficacy of people living with dementia?

Researchers from the Center of Uses of Literature are among an interdisciplinary group of scholars who have used literature to developed a new intervention in dementia care. Professor Peter Simonsen and postdoc Marie-Elisabeth Lei Pihl are two of the co-authors of a new open access article 'Developing the CARE intervention to enhance ethical self-efficacy in dementia care through the use of literary texts,' published in BMC Medical Ethics. The article explains how the CARE intervention, and its specific use of literary texts, promotes the ethical self-efficacy of people living with dementia, their family, and professional carers. Peter and Marie-Elisabeth developed this new intervention with their colleagues Sigrid Lauridsen, Frederik Schou-Juul, Anna Paldam Folker, and Sofie Smedegaard Skov, all of The National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark.

The article is available open access here.

Editing was completed: 31.07.2023