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New research article on shared reading and postcritical thought

The potential health benefits of shared reading for men in the age group 65-75

A new article by postdoc Marie-Elisabeth Lei Pihl, professor Peter Simonsen, and their colleagues Mette Marie Kristensen (anthropologist and Ph.D. student at the National Institute of Public Health at SDU) and Anna Paldam Folker (professor and head of research at the National Institute of Public Health at SDU) presents preliminary findings from the shared reading project "Read, Man!"

The project aims to reduce loneliness and isolation among men in the age group of 65–75 in view of the fact that men of this age range have increased risk of developing depressive symptoms in connection with retirement (Noh, Kwon, Lee, Oh, & Kim, 2019). In the article, published in Orbis Litterarum, the authors introduce the project and its potential health benefits, while drawing on the affordances of postcritical thinking. 

The article can be read here.

Editing was completed: 27.02.2023