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Centre for Uses of Literature

Mathies Græsborg Aarhus on working class literature today

Prizes and acclaim for writers including Annie Ernaux, Edouard Louis, Douglas Stuart and Glenn Bech suggest a distinctive new wave of working class writing is emerging.

Mathies Græsborg Aarhus, postdoc at the University of Gothenburg and affiliated member of the Center, made a series of  appearances in the Danish media in January 2023 to discuss a new international wave of prize-winning and critically-acclaimed working class writing and its key characteristics, including its focus on emotional life: 

Arbejderklasselitteraturen er stadig politisk. Men i dag kommer den fra et mere personligt sted - Information (27.01.23)

Arbejderklassen slår igen: Bøger fra samfundets bund vinder priser som aldrig før -

Skam er nøgleordet i den nye arbejderlitteratur - Kulturmagasinet Kræs, Radio 4 (19.01.23)

Mathies obtained his PhD from SDU in 2020 with a dissertation about the unemployment novel and the shifting emotional politics of unemployment from the 1930s to the present day.

Editing was completed: 27.01.2023