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Centre for Uses of Literature

New Collaborative Publications on Aging and on Social Housing

Co-authored journal articles shed light on the uses of literature in aging studies and the study of social class

Center for Uses of Literature members have contributed to two new collaboratively written journal articles. These new articles reveal the breadth of the Center's work on the social uses of literature - their topics are Danish contemporary literature about aging and UK literature's representations of social housing developments - as well as our commitment to co-authorship and the benefits of collaborative research in literary studies.

In the first article, Nicklas Friesleben Lund, Anne-Marie Mai and Peter Simonsen are among 10 contributors from different disciplines who explore Ane Riel's novel Urværk (2018) and consider what it, and the reading of fiction more generally, can do for the interdisciplinary study of aging. The article is published, in Danish, by Gerontologi.

Secondly, members of the Class and Work Cluster worked together on 'Theorising the Collective in British Estate Literature,' which shows how a recently-published play, poetry collection, and novel evoke new, though fragile, forms of group identity, inextricably entangled with the space of the much-demonized council estate. The article by Bryan Yazell, Emily J Hogg, Mathies Græsborg, Peter Simonsen, Jon Helt Haarder and Ella Fegitz is published by Textual Practice.


Editing was completed: 11.08.2023