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The Center is Expanding

In 2023, as many as six PhD students have been assigned to FNUG, and the staff is growing. An adjunct researcher has joined, and the center has been visited by a number of visiting researchers.

By Lisbet Foged, , 1/30/2024

At the start of 2023, five PhD students started, and on May 1 another one joined.
An article series about FNUG's PhD scholars is underway. Read the first two articles here about:

Amalie Thorup Eich-Høy is doing a PhD on tertiary mathematics didactics.

Katrine Bergkvist Borch researches STEM education in formal and informal learning environments.

Follow FNUG's website and read about the other four PhD students during 2024:
Maiken Westen Holm Svendsen. Research field: Evaluation in and with STEM
Søren Krogh Hansen. Research field: Early mathematical attention in day care
Karen Bollingberg. Research field: Educators' science competences and professionalism in day care
Tina Maria Brinks. Research field: Professional Learning Communities among science teacher educators

Karina Kiær, PhD. in pedagogy, started on January 1 as a researcher in the LAVIN project (Longitudinal Study of Science Ecology in NAFA).
Karina Kiær is also an assistant professor at UC SYD, where she teaches general teaching skills and researches in reading guidance, and she defends her PhD thesis "Reading guidance and data use as organizational routines in primary schools" on Friday, February 9 2024. Read more here.

Dorte Moeskær Larsen started as assistant professor on 1 February. Dorte Moeskær Larsen is chairman of the expert group in the primary school area at NCUM (National Center for the Development of Mathematics Teaching), and she sits on the editorial board of MONA - a journal for teachers, mediators and researchers in mathematics and science didactics.  Read here a professional profile of Dorte Moeskær Larsen.

Keith Devlin started as an adjunct professor at IMADA with connections to FNUG. There was an induction lecture in September, after which the accession was celebrated at a reception. 
You can find the entire induction lecture with introduction by Connie Svabo here.

During 2023, we have had visits from six visiting researchers:

Nancy Longnecker, Professor of Science Communication at the University of Otaga, New Zealand. Read about her visit here.
Nancy Longnecker and Connie Svabo are part of the research team behind the project Moriori, Music and Manawa and are jointly developing an exhibition about Moriori natural and cultural history.

Inmaculada Navarro Gonzalez, Associate Professor at the 'Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education' at 'The National University of Distance Education' (UNED) in Spain. Since 1997, she has been researching teacher education, higher order cognitive functions, and soft skills development, and during her visit to FNUG, she worked with Chunfang Zhou and other colleagues at FNUG on the research topics of 'creative thinking', 'teacher education' and ' problem-based learning'. The collaboration has created the basis for a deeper collaboration between FNUG and UNED.
Read about her visit here.

Axel Langner, Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Science Education, Leibniz University, Hannover, and Mark Michelsen, scientific assistant at the Institute of Chemistry Education, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, visited us in September and, among other things, each gave their presentation at the FNUG Foundations. Read about their visit here.

We have just been able to experience Alex Langner again, where he gave a presentation at the NiSE webinar on 30 January. Here he talked about: “Eye-Tracking in Science Education and novel Ways to use it”.
Read more here.

Morten Christensen, PhD, Lecturer in natural sciences at UCL, was a guest with us while he was working on the project 'Makerspace as a collegial learning space in vocational education'. Collaborators on the project include Connie Svabo and Dorte Moeskær Larsen, among others. 

Thomas R. S. Albrechtsen, Docent, PhD, M.Sc. in general pedagogy and head of the Research Program for School and Teaching at UC Syd is permanently attached as a visiting researcher. Thomas and Connie are joint leaders of the LAVIN project.

Here you can find everyone who is associated with FNUG – Centre for Research in Science Education and Communication 

FNUG's employees

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