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Danish Center for Welfare Studies

Societies and Demographic Change

The ’Societies and Demographic Change' research area at DaWS studies a wide number of research topics at the interface of populations and politics, where demographic issues and challenges can be better understood using political science and welfare state and public policy approaches and theories, notably political sociology, political economy, social policy, and political demography. This research area is interdisciplinary and works together closely with the Business and Social Sciences unit of the Centre for Population Dynamics (CPOP-SAMF) at the University of Southern Denmark. Research topics covered in this DaWS research area include:


  • intergenerational resource transfers and human capital investments
  • demographic change and social policy
  • intergenerational solidarity and equity
  • intergenerational social norms and comparisons
  • intergenerational mobility
  • intergenerational public policy conflict
  • age group relevant politics, policies and feedback processes across the lifecycle (ranging from education to pensions)
  • education policy, family policy, pension policy
  • implications for policy reform and policy innovation
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For further information, please contact Professor Pieter Vanhuysse

Last Updated 15.03.2024