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Changing Social Equality

About the project

Changing social equality through state policies was perhaps the greatest legacy of the 20th century. The Nordic countries in particular have been able to raise living standards and curb inequalities without compromising economic growth. But with social inequalities on the rise, how do they fare when compared with countries with alternative welfare models, such as the UK, the Netherlands and Germany?

Book: Changing Social Equality
Taking a comparative perspective, this book casts new light on the changing inequalities in Europe. Contributions from experts in a range of fields examine the causes, direction and impact of changes, investigating whether support for egalitarian policies is diminishing and whether policies are becoming less effective at reducing inequalities.

Read about the book here.

Organisation and Funding
The project on Changing Social Equality was part of the work in the Nordic Center of Excellence Reassessing the Nordic welfare model. We gratefully acknowledge funding by NordForsk, a Nordic research board operating under the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research. For more information see

Last Updated 15.03.2024