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Danish Center for Welfare Studies

NICE Welfare

NICE-Welfare was a cross-disciplinary research program funded by SDU2020

NICE Welfare takes up the challenges that relate to the development of inclusive and innovative welfare societies, as they are described in Research2020 and Horizon2020. The project combines fields of research within the social sciences, statistics and medicine that are emphasized as central in both research plans. But NICE Welfare decisively improves the possibility to deliver relevant insights by including and combining research fields from history, culture, philosophy and health, which today are considered crucial to acquire a more thorough understanding of the welfare system and to develop sustainable ideas for societal renewal.

In this way NICE offers an interdisciplinary framework engaging leading experts in order to develop new questions and new approaches to address major social problems of the 21st Century. NICE is an investment in establishing a generator for new methodological approaches, innovating existing approaches and formulating cutting edge research projects.

The research project was started in February 2014 and ended in the spring 2017.


Annual reports

Download the annual report for 2015 here

Download the annual report for 2014 here


Detailed project description

Last Updated 15.03.2024