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Danish Center for Welfare Studies

The Carlsberg Project - Danish Welfare State History

The Carlsberg Project aimed at providing a comprehensive history of the Danish welfare state. Based on a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation the project started in the autumn 2008 and was completed in the autumn 2014.

Three members of  DaWS and 4 external researchers were affiliated with the project. The analysis is reported in six monographs:

  • The welfare state in crisis (1973-1992)
    This monograph covers the period of 1973 to 1993, which was marked by a crisis of legitimacy and by economic difficulties, but also by the implementation of the last indent of the Social Reform: The Assistance Act.
  • What is the welfare state coming to (1992-2012)
    The sixth monograph illustrates how the ideology behind social policy has been undergoing major changes. Activation, sanctions, incentives, duty-and-right is very much on the agenda, it reflects a change of the classic welfare state.

The links are in Danish.

"It is so far the most detailed survey of the relationship between the political, economic and social development in 20th century Denmark. You can easily describe it as a research leapfrog," historian Steffen Heiberg has written about the work.

Last Updated 15.03.2024