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Worlds Within Words - Hans Christian Andersen’s Global Literary Legacy

Join us for an engaging and insightful seminar series on Hans Christian Andersen as World Literature. Explore the diverse facets of Andersen’s works and their impact on global literary landscapes. The series features renowned scholars and researchers who delve into the realms of translation, cultural reception, and adaptation processes across different countries. The online seminars are free, no registration needed, everyone is welcome!

The Hans Christian Andersen Centre's research group 'HCAW - Hans Christian Andersen as World Literature' presents an engaging series of online seminars. Each of the researchers will be sharing their individual work. If you find the time and inclination, we'd love to have you join us by logging in. And if you know anyone in your network who might be intrigued by this, feel free to share these events.

First seminar is September 7.


Hans Christian Andersen in Early German, French and English Translations

Thursday, September 7, 9-10 AM
Associate Professor Torsten Bøgh Thomsen investigates the decontextualization of Andersen’s fairy tales through early translations, challenging universalist interpretations of World Literature.
Respondents: Klaus Müller-Wille (Universität Zürich), Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (University College London), and Li Wenjie (Beijing Normal University).
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Hans Christian Andersen in Ukrainian Translations: Impact of Socio-Political Context on Translation and Dissemination

Wednesday, September 13, 9-10 AM
Postdoc Inga Kapustian explores the Ukrainian translations of Andersen’s tales, examining the influence of socio-political norms and religious motifs.
Respondents: Anne Klara Bom (University of Southern Denmark), Lyu Hongbo (Jiangnan University), and Anna Katrina Gutierrez (Lantana Publishing, Manila and London).
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’The Princess on the Pea’ in North American Popular Culture

Thursday, September 21, 4-5 PM
PhD student Sara Bruun Jørgensen delves into the influence of popular memory on North American adaptations of “The Princess on the Pea.” Through Critical Heritage Studies and Cultural Studies, she examines the development of local conventions and their implications for Andersen’s global heritage recognition.
Respondents: Karin Sanders (UC Berkeley), Julie K. Allen (Brigham Young University), and Elisabeth Oxfeldt (University of Oslo).
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Hans Christian Andersen in South Asia

Friday, September 29, 4-5 PM
Postdoc Mushtaq Bilal explores the introduction of Andersen’s stories to Bengali readers in colonial India, highlighting the de-infantilization of his works in Bengali translations.
Respondents: Mads Rosendahl Thomsen (University of Aarhus) and Torsten Bøgh Thomsen (University of Southern Denmark).
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The seminar series is part of the research project ”Hans Christian Andersen as World Literature” funded by The Independent Research Foundation Denmark.

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