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Deep-sea trenches

Carbon, soot and particles from combustion end up in deep-sea trenches

New research shows that disproportionately large amounts of carbon accumulate at the bottom of deep-sea trenches. The trenches may thus play an important role for deep-sea storage of organic material - and thus for the atmospheric Co2 balance.

Af Birgitte Svennevig, , 21-12-2022

Meet the researcher

Ronnie N. Glud is a professor at the Department of Biology, Chair at the Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS) and head of the Danish Center for Hadal Research. As a deep-sea researcher, he has led and participated in many expeditions to deep-sea trenches. This interview was conducted just after his return from The Aleutian Trench off Alaska and before he went on to the South Sandwich Trench near the Falkland Islands. The research is supported by Danish National Research Foundation, the European Research Council and the Independent Research Fund Denmark. 


Redaktionen afsluttet: 21.12.2022