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Newly appointed Professor (mso) in Humanities and Technology joins DIAS as Senior Fellow

The relationship between technology and humanities has interested the literary scholar Kathrin Maurer for a long time. How does the aesthetic field (literature, visual art) represent and interpret technical inventions? How does technology affect human communities? How does technology impact the human sensorium?

The new Dias Senior Fellow addresses these questions in her research project “Drone Imaginaries and Communities” granted by the Danish Research Council (DFF) and her DFF network on “Drones and Aesthetics.” Kathrin Maurer just became Professor (mso) for Humanities and Technologies at SDU and the official leader for a newly established Center for Humanities and Technologies at University of Southern Denmark.

Passion for Interdisciplinary Debate
Her success comes from a great amount of academic curiosity. From a profile in German Literature, her interest brought her closer to technologies, art, and media. Her focus on technology is informed by historical, critical, and aesthetic discourses but she is also interested how technology shapes our everyday life worlds. Kathrin Maurer has a great passion for interdisciplinary work, and she believes that DIAS is a wonderful environment for this: “I find the interdisciplinary work in DIAS very inspiring, and it suits me very well as an academic citizen. Originally, I have a background in German literature, but I always tried to work across disciplinary borders.”

Experienced as a PhD advisor and educated in the humanities, she has developed a keen ability of close reading, detailed interpretation, and critical thinking that she hopes could provide beneficial perspectives for the junior fellow’s scholarly work. Further, she has vast experience in grant applications, international publications, and international networking.

Kathrin Maurer
Kathrin Maurer is born in Germany and has a Ph.D. in German Studies from Columbia University in 2002 and Dr. Phil. in German Studies from SDU in 2015. Her career has taken her from Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Columbia University, University of Arizona, Tokyo University, and New York University to the University of Southern Denmark.

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