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Interdisciplinary Professor with vast experience enters DIAS as Senior Fellow

Paul Richard Sharp is an industrious and dynamic Professor appointed at Department of Business and Economics at SDU, and now also Senior Fellow at DIAS. With him he brings extensive resume and a number of responsibilities.

His research areas include economic history, globalization in the 19th century, pre-industrial economic growth and the development of the Danish dairy industry. Furthermore, he is among other things a CAGE Research Associate and Chair at Danish Society for Economic and Social History

In his work, Paul Richard Sharp uses the tools of economics to understand historical problems. Here he has looked at Denmark’s agricultural history to understand why the country has managed to become wealthy. One of the projects in this field of his research was “Rethinking the economic take-off of Den-mark”, a project that could happen, since he received 5,9 million DKK from the Sapere Aude Programme.

Alongside his research studies he has hosted a number of conferences and engaged in other activities. Very early in his career he became aware of the value of a global network with experts and other research-ers. This has involved him in a number of organizations in Denmark and globally.


Deep-rooted interdisciplinary working style

Last year he hosted the conference “Accounting for the Wealth of Nations: History and Theory” on behalf of the organization Centre for Economic Policy Research. This conference brought together two fields; the economic history researchers and the macroeconomic researchers. The point was to learn from each other and the world leading researchers from both fields.

“I’ve already been involved with DIAS as a mentor for two Assistant Professors, and DIAS has already been involved in organizing this conference with Centre for Economic Policy Research last year,” Paul Richard Sharp tells. “Because my research is quite interdisciplinary, I think I will fit in quite easily. And when I get my office at DIAS, then I’m sharing it with someone I don’t know: This made me realize how this can benefit in an interdisciplinary context.


Paul Richard Sharp

Paul Richard Sharp has a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Copenhagen in 2009. His career includes accommodations at University of Oxford, UC Davis in California, EUI in Florence and Humboldt University in Berlin.

Paul Richard Sharp is Professor at Department of Business and Economics, at Econometrics and Eco-nomic History, at HEWI, at HEDG, at Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics, and Senior Fellow at Danish Institute for Advanced Study. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and their three children.


Foto: Lars Skaaning – website.

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