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Visiting researcher from KU Leuven

Xuezhi Zheng visits POLIMA for three months

POLIMA has the pleasure of hosting Research Expert Xuezhi Zheng from KU Leuven for three months.

The aim of the stay is to develop efficient modeling schemes for the interaction of light with metallic nanostructures with deep-nm features. This will be done within the framework of 1) a semi-classical model known as the surface-response formalism (SRF) which describes the quantum dynamics of electron gas near metal surfaces, and 2) two boundary-based Computational Electromagnetics algorithms, i.e., the T-matrix method and the Boundary Element Method. The integration of the SRF with the two aforesaid algorithms will result in efficient and effective computational tools that can accurately predict the optical response from, e.g., plasmonic constructs with deep-nm gaps, and therefore will provide a set of essential tools for the analysis of extreme nano-optical effects.

The research stay is financed by Research Foundation Flanders - FWO.

Editing was completed: 22.02.2023