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Ideas for future projects

POLIMA welcomes Bachelor and Master students every semester. We can develop project ideas together with students, but very often we generate suggestions for new projects before the semester starts. Currently, the following project ideas are available for new POLIMA students. Please notice that this is drafts of projects and they should be developed further in a collaboration between the supervisor and the student(s):

  1. Extreme light-matter interactions in low dimensional materials
  2. Design and analysis of reconfigurable chiral polaritonic environments
  3. Scattering of light by metallic cylinders within a quantum-plasmonic framework
  4. Tunable excitonic response in patterned hexagonal boron nitride
  5. Electron-beam spectroscopies for nonspherical particles: semi-analytic treatment
  6. Evaluation and application of a semi-analytic solution for the nanoparticle-on-mirror plasmonic construct
  7. Exploring nonlinear light-matter interactions with swift electrons
  8. Improved modelling of optical response using tight-binding chains
Interested in becoming a POLIMA student?

You are always welcome to contact POLIMA, if you are interested in doing your BSc or MSc thesis at POLIMA.

Contact Christos Tserkezis for more information

Last Updated 21.03.2024