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Kristín Björg Arnardóttir new postdoc in POLIMA

Welcome to Kristín Björg Arnardóttir who joins us as a postdoc at POLIMA as an expert in quantum methods for modelling exciton-polaritons.

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 4/5/2024

In January 2024, Kristín Björg Arnardóttir joined us with her extensive experience in using quantum methods for studying strong light-matter coupling in excitonic systems.

Kristín started her physics career in her home country of Iceland with a BSc from University of Iceland. She then went to Sweden and got a MSc in Theoretical physics from Stockholm University, where her thesis project was on Green’s functions approaches in Polaritonics. Afterwards she moved to Singapore to do a PhD at Nanyang Technological University. Though her geographical move was large, her PhD topic built closely on her previous research, and she continued to grow her experience with different theoretical approaches to exciton-polariton systems. Her focus was considering strong light-matter coupling solid state systems of different dimensions, where she used different quantum and semi-classical theoretical approaches. After finishing her PhD, she moved to the UK to become a Postdoc at the University of St Andrews. She worked there for five years, continuing to build her expertise with strong light-matter coupling. In the UK she mainly worked with organic polariton systems – where the excitonic part of the exciton-polariton is localized on organic molecules – as well as working with open quantum systems more generally. While at St Andrews she predicted mode switching behavior in organic polariton lasing systems that later was experimentally confirmed.

Since January of 2024 Kristín has been working as a postdoctoral researcher at POLIMA, where she works with Dr. Christos Tserkezis with chiral polaritons. Her knowledgeable of approaches for capturing quantum and finite size effects in exciton-polariton systems is a valuable addition to POLIMA’s already strong polariton expertise.

Kristín Björg Arnardóttir
Kristín Björg Arnardóttir


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