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Exciton polaritons for strong-coupling and tunable quantum-light sources

Single-photon emitters coupled to cavity modes in strong coupling regime will have many applications in quantum technologies. Strong coupling between single photon emitters and cavities with high quality-factor (Q) puts constraints on the quantum emitter. Strong coupling can also be obtained for cavities with low Q, but the cavity mode should be ultra-confined. Polaritonic cavities can be utilized for obtaining extremely confined modes to obtain strong coupling at ambient conditions and for a variety of quantum emitters.
Quantum emitters can be tuned utilizing various techniques such as by applying electric field, magnetic field, strain etc. Possibility of applying a particular method for tuning depends on the emitter as well as its environment. With tunable quantum emitters, one can control the interaction between quantum emitters opening possibilities for generation of complex quantum states of light.

With strong coupling and tunable quantum emitters, study of light-matter interaction, where one can control the interaction as well as number of quantum emitters, will be possible. For these studies, we envisage utilizing different kinds of quantum emitters such as defect centers in diamonds, defects in 2D materials and organic molecules as well as different kinds of cavities or a network of cavities. Theoretical studies and numerical modelling of various systems will develop our understanding of such systems. Experimental studies will be enabled by our optical set-ups, cryostat, and fabrication facilities available at the center.

Last Updated 06.01.2023