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Visit from Singapore National University

Three postdocs from the research group of Professor Cheng-Wei QIU at Singapore National University joined POLIMA for a week.

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 3/24/2023

This week, Dr. Weijin Chen, Dr. Jianfeng Chen and Dr. Jiangang Feng visited POLIMA. They are all part of the research group of  Professor Cheng-Wei QIU from Singapore National University. During their visit, they gave the following talks:

  • Dr. Weijin Chen: "Intrinsic Chiral Bound States in the Continuum"
  • Dr. Jiangang Feng: "Steering Photons and Photonic Quasiparticles with Self-Assembled Nanostructures"

It has been a pleasure hosting our guests and we hope that the visit will kick-start new collaborations with the group of  Professor Cheng-Wei QIU.




Editing was completed: 24.03.2023