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Visit by Professor Zhipei Sun

Networking and guest lecture about '2D Materials for Grand Photonic Challenges'

By Lousie Skovborg Just, , 4/13/2023

Today, POLIMA had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Zhipei Sun to the University of Southern Denmark.

Professor Zhipei Sun presented present examples of his efforts using 2D materials to address the current grand challenges in photonics, such as high-performance lasers and quantum sources, ultrafast modulators, and miniaturized spectrometers. He will also introduce recent results of employing hybrid structures, such as mixed-dimensional heterostructures, moiré structures, plasmonic structures, and silicon/fibre waveguides integrated structures.

A part from the guest lecture, the visit of Professor Zhipei Sun was an opportunity for POLIMA researchers, to discuss their field of research with Professor Zhipei Sun.


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