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POLIMA Seminar

Two days on south Funen with physics and sun

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 9/5/2023

The POLIMA team has spent two days on Gl. Avernæs on South  Funen.  Main topic was: Where is POLIMA headed? Both in relation to the research, but also in relation to the culture in our new research group. 

We were so lucky that two close POLIMA collaborators chose to join the POLIMA seminar: Jacob Terndrup Heiden (KAIST, South Korea) and Xuezhi Zheng (KU Leuven, Belgium). 

The program contained more than ten scientific presentations to kick-start discussions about research themes and strategies plus status on the work of the PhD students and postdocs in POLIMA. An afternoon was dedicated to discussions about the values and culture in the group. Finally, plenty of time to enjoy the sun and the beautiful nature of Helnæs.


Photo POLIMA team on the beach 

Associate Professor Joel Cox presenting

POLIMA team at presentation

PhD student Mikkel Have Eriksen presenting

Group photo POLIMA

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