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POLIMA retreat: Science, snow & board games

The POLIMA team and guests has spent 2 days in Svanninge Bjerge in Southern Funen

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 1/10/2024

The POLIMA team spent 2 days in Svanninge Bakker in the Southern part of Funen. We were lucky that friends and collaborators joined  from KU Leuven (Xuezhi Zheng and Christos Mystilidis), University of Minho (Nuno Peres) and Aeronautics Institute of Technology (André Chaves).

The time was spent with discussions about the POLIMA research themes, what have we accomplished the first year as a Centre of Excellence funded by Danish National Research Foundation and what is the direction of the research, where do see the great potentials and how can everybody in the team contribute. The program also included a number of interesting talks:

  • Cathodoluminescencerevivalat POLIMA / Sven Ebel
  • Determining the optical properties of 2d materials with SNOM/ Martin Nørgaard
  • Wabarpearls: extraterrestrial formed glasses/ Sergii Morozov
  • Twistronics: a literaturereview / Pedro Ninhos
  • In search of efficient colored photovoltaics / Catarina Ferreira
  • Straintronicswith TMD crystals / Yonas Lebsir
  • A Computational Technique for the Quantum Hydrodynamic Theory/ Christos Mystilidis
  • Polaripy, a pythonpackageforsurfacepolaritoncalculationsin arbitraryanisotropicheterostructures/ André Chaves

Finally, the retreat also allowed plenty of time to enjoy the nature in Svanninge Bakker and board games.

POLIMA team Svanninge Bakker

POLIMA team at Lerbjerget

POLIMA team in Svanninge Bakker

Editing was completed: 10.01.2024