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POLIMA Opening Seminar

POLIMA international collaborators gave presentations within the topic of nanoptics and polariton physics

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 6/2/2023

On the occasion of POLIMA official opening on 1 June, POLIMA hosted the scientific seminar 'Nanoptics and polariton physics'. 

POLIMA collaborators gave the following talks:

  • Plasmons, magnons, and superconducting excitations in 2D materials Nuno Perès 
  • Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalysis for Green Chemistry / Peter Nordlander

  • Plasmonic azimuthally chirped gratings for surface-enhanced nonlinear signal generation /  Jer-Shing Huang
  • New Horizons of Optics with Near-Zero-Index Materials / Vladimir M. Shalaev
  • Exciton-polaritons and light-matter interactions in nanostructured materials: from GaAs to 2D materials / Fransesco Todisco
  • Atom-Surface Interactions: Theory and Computations / Kurt Busch

Thank you to all the POLIMA collaborators presenting at the seminar!

N. Asger Mortensen and Jer-Shing Huang

Vladimir Shaelev
Group photo POLIMA seminar Nanoptics and Polariton Physics

Opening of POLIMA - Centre for Polariton-driven light-matter Interactions

Editing was completed: 01.06.2023