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Nonlinear graphene plasmonics for quantum logic

New paper proposing a quantum logic gate operating with graphene plasmons published in collaboration with ICFO Barcelona and the University of Vienna.

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 4/12/2023

In a new paper published in the Physical Review series of the American Physical Society (, POLIMA Associate Professor Joel Cox, in collaboration with researchers from ICFO Barcelona and the University of Vienna, theoretically explore the possibility of harnessing the strong nonlinear optical interaction of propagating plasmon polaritons in graphene for quantum logic operations. The researchers show that the intrinsically-large nonlinear optical response of graphene enables individual counter-propagating plasmons guided by a graphene nanoribbon to reflect off one another with a conditional 𝞹 phase shift, an effect that could be utilized to develop logic gates for quantum information processing.

The work was supported by several instruments under the European Commission, and on the Danish side by the Sapere Aude research leader program from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, VILLUM Fonden, and the Danish National Research Foundation.
Meet the researcher
Photo Joel Cox

Joel Cox, Associate Professor, POLIMA


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