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New PhD Student in POLIMA

1 April, Martin Koch Nørgaard started as PhD student in POLIMA

Martin possesses an educational background in engineering, with a Bachelor's and Master's degree from SDU’s Physics & Technology program.

Throughout his academic journey, he has gained valuable experience in optics/photonics, solid-state physics, and micro-fabrication, among other areas. He has actively participated in various nano-optics projects during this period, improving his knowledge in this area. 

His Ph.D. research focuses on the experimental exploration, manipulation, and exploitation of highly confined polaritons, with a particular emphasis on investigating their optical near-field characteristics. By utilizing the unique properties of polaritons and incorporating novel materials such as 2D structures, it is anticipated that the investigation of highly confined polaritons will yield intriguing results beyond existing theoretical explanations. The significance of this research topic lies in its expected potential for future advancements in information and communications technology. 

Martins PhD position is funded by the POLIMA Center of Excellence grant from Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF).


Martin Koch Nørgaard
Photo Martin Nørgaard


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