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Mikkel Have Eriksen receives award

PhD student at POLIMA awarded best poster presentation at NANOP2023

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 12/1/2023

Mikkel Have Eriksen, PhD student at POLIMA, has received the best poster presentation award by the journal Nanophotonics (De Gruyter) at the NANOP2023 conference in Barcelona for his poster on "Optoelectronic control of atomic bistability of graphene". 
The poster shows results from his PhD that have been published in Physical Review Letters ( Here, a theoretical investigation of a hybrid system consisting of an optically-driven atom and graphene sheet shows the emergence and control of bistability in the atom. This hybrid system constitutes a platform for fundamental explorations in coherent quantum control and atomic physics.
Mikkel Have Eriksen
Photo Mikkel Have Eriksen

PhD student, SDU POLIMA


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