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From the University of Kiel to University of Southern Denmark

Yonas Lebsir graduated this summer and 1 September, he started as PhD student at POLIMA

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 11/16/2023

Yonas Lebsir obtained his Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Kiel, Germany. Throughout his academic journey, he has accumulated valuable expertise with various optical and electron microscopy techniques, some of which he has obtained from research stays at the Complutense University of Madrid in 2018 and at SDU in 2021.
In 2021, Yonas spent several months at SDU Nano Optics, conducting an extensive study of optical losses in monocrystalline gold via scanning near-field optical microscopy of surface plasmon polaritons. For his Master’s project in Kiel, he designed and built a photoluminescence microscopy setup with a Hanbury Brown Twiss interferometer and used it for the characterization of quantum emitters from luminescent defect sites in hexagonal boron nitride.
For his PhD, he experimentally investigates polaritonic excitations in 2D material systems. The combination of different 2D materials as heterostructures, or with precisely tailored nanostructures is anticipated to yield interesting insights into the interplay between confined light and matter at the nanoscale, potentially leading to novel applications and discoveries in the field of nanophotonics.

Yonas’ PhD position is funded by the POLIMA Center of Excellence grant from Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF165).

Editing was completed: 16.11.2023