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Danish Optical Society’s National Optics Congress 2024

Several researchers from POLIMA joined the Danish Optical Society’s National Optics Congress 2024, held at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense

By Yonas Lebsir, , 3/4/2024

Researchers from universities and companies across Denmark participated in the congress co-organized by Centre for Nano Optics at SDU. The yearly DOPS meeting gives a chance to interact with the national optics research landscape. The POLIMA researchers contributed with the following posters and talks within the field of optics and photonics:

  • Line Jelver, 'Nonlinear Plasmonics in Nanostructured Phosphorene' (talk)
  • Sven Ebel, 'Shaping free electron wavepackets with structured light' (talk, poster)
  • Nikolaos Kyvelos, 'Spherical Topological Insulators in Light–Matter Interactions' (poster)
  • Pedro Ninhos, 'Exciton-polaritons in an one-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride superlattice' (poster)
  • Catarina Ferreira, 'Design of multilayer structures for colored photovoltaics' (poster)

We look forward to the next DOPS meeting and future collaborations within the vibrant optics community.  Stay tuned for more updates on our journey in the world of optics! 

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