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Costs and benefits of targeting alcohol-related liver disease

Online GALAXY seminar 24 February 3-4.30 pm (CET)

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 12/3/2021

GALAXY invites for seminar about financial Burden of alcohol-related liver disease and how to estimate its costs. The seminar will present results from the GALAXY project and moreover Jessica Mellinger, Assistant Professor from the University of Michigan, will share insights about cost-effectiveness of treatments for alcohol use disorder. 

Everybody is welcome, please register HERE latest on 17 February.


  • Introduction / Aleksander krag, professor and Maja Thiele, Associate Professor,  Flash - Center for liver research, Odense University
    Hospital, Denmark
  • Financial Burden of alcohol-related liver disease and how to estimate its costs/ Hans Olav Melberg, Professor in Health Economics, University of Tromsø, Norway
  • Cost-effectiveness of noninvasive screening for alcohol-related liver disease/Lars Asphaug, Researcher, Depart. of Health Management and Health Economics, Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • Cost-effectiveness of treatments for alcohol use disorder/ Jessica Mellinger, Assistant Professor, institute for healthcare policy and innovation, university of Michigan, us
  • Q & A

The talks do not require prior knowledge of the field or economic expertise. These results are relevant for medical professionals, government regulators, policy makers, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. 



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