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Department of Health management and Health Economics

Department of Health management and Health Economics contributes to GALAXY WP7.

The department consists of more than 30 full time professors and more than 10 PhD candidates. The main task is to teach health economics, management and economic evaluation. The department has a core research group of about 15 individuals who focuses on economic evaluation. This group has long experience in conducting economic evaluations of interventions in the health care sector and has published the results internationally in leading journals. The head of the research group, professor Hans Olav Melberg, has conducted research on economic evaluation in many health areas, but also specifically on the effects of alcohol. He has, moreover, been involved in several large international projects involving the comparison of registry data across from different countries. The core expertise thus combines both economic evaluation in health economics, statistical expertise in handling and combining data from several countries, as well as experience in the specific field of addiction and alcohol research.

Last Updated 06.09.2019