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Nordic Bioscience

Nordic Bioscience contributes to WP6.

Nordic Bioscience has a strong scientific and analytical team that strives to develop highly disease-specific biochemical markers for diagnosis and prognosis of selected diseases. 
With more than 25 years of experience Nordic Bioscience has developed a method for identifying and quantifying disease-specific protein fragments that exceeds the specificity of gold standard biomarkers in regards to biological relevance and scientific rationale. Using this unique Protein Fingerprint™ technology, pathologically modified proteins have been identified. The experience, and in-depth knowledge of extracellular matrix tissue turnover, has so far resulted in a large portfolio of more than 70 biochemical assays and more than 400 publications in peer reviewed journals. Nordic Bioscience will as a part of the GALAXY project develop new ELISA assays, measure existing ELISA assays according to FDA standards, and commercialize new products based on results obtained from the program. The ambition is to create a new generation of Precision Medicine for alcoholic liver disease. 


Morten Asser Karsdal, Chief Executive Officer, Nordic Bioscience

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Last Updated 05.05.2022