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Work Package 7

The main objective of this work package is to provide information on economic costs and benefits, which is relevant to decisions about how to commercialise the diagnostic assay, the system medicine tools and the treatments. This includes:

  • Estimating the costs of the treatments.
  • Estimating the medical benefits (quality adjusted life years).
  • Estimating the larger social and economic costs and benefits.
  • Comparing costs to benefits.
  • Quantifying the results for different sub-groups (gender, age).

The end result will be an analysis allowing decision makers to compare overall social gains relative to cost for interventions against liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. Such an analysis is an essential prerequisite for commercialisation since a favourable ratio of gains to costs would justify further investments by both the private and the public sector.


Department of Health Management and Health Economics/University of Oslo

Work Package Leader

Professor Hans Olav Melberg

Department of Health Management and Health Economics

Last Updated 06.09.2019