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Work Package 4

The main objective of work package 4 is to integrate the information collected in WP1, WP2 and WP3 with the goal to identify biomarkers for early diagnosis, risk stratification and efficacy of interventions in chronic liver diseases using multi-omics data. To reach this goal, gut microbial samples will first be analysed using current state of the art tools. Stratification by disease severity and differential disease progression and disease history, for example, will require the development of predictive algorithms based on heterogeneous input features, which will be integrated into a ‘systems medicine tool’.

WP4 has the following objectives:

  • To analyse the gathered –omics data with current state of the art tools.
  • To develop novel ground-breaking systems medicine tools for gut liver axis analysis.
  • To analyse –omics data with in-house developed GALAXY systems medicine tools.

Participating partners: 

Work Package Leader

Prof. Dr. Peer Bork

Bork Group

Photo Peer Bork

Last Updated 06.09.2019