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GALAXY results presented at ILC22 in London

On 23 June, Mads Israelsen presents results from the Rifaximin study at the General Session at ILC2022.

By Maria Fogt, , 6/23/2022

Many GALAXY results will be presented at ILC22 in London. Yesterday (22 June), GALAXY Coordinator Aleksander Krag, presented among others the GALAXY & MicrobLiver publication 'Liver-plasma proteome integration reveals concordant protein signatures across fibrosis stages' recently published in Nature Medicine. 

Today (23 June), Mads Israelsen presents results from the Rifaximin study, which is one of the four clinical trials from GALAXY. The RIFAXIMIN study is a Randomized Clinical Trial with 136 participants randomized for treatment of Rifaximin or placebo for a period of 18 months.

The main result that Mads Israelsen will present at ILC is the conclusion that Rifaximin-α can stop progression of scar tissue in the liver among patients with alcohol overuse. 

If you are participating in the ILC22 in London, please take the opportunity to hear about the results from the Rifaximin study:

  • Where? General Session I, ILC22, London
  • When? 1.45-2PM, 23 June 2022
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